Octomore 10 năm

700 ml / 54,3%
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Octomore Ten Years - 10 năm phát hành cùng người anh em Octomore 11.- anh em. Octomore Ten Years là dòng khói nặng 208ppm (được công bố trên chai rượu), rượu được chưng cất năm 2009 đóng chai năm 2020 tại Islay, Scotland.

Bruichladdich Octomore Ten Years - không lọc lạnh, màu sắc tự nhiên từ thùng ủ, rượu được đóng chai ở độ mạnh 54.3%, và phát hành giới hạn 12.000 chai

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Colour: Gold

    Aroma:  Wonderful Bouquet of Peat and fruit. Nectarine and citrus fruits with hints of pineapple and mango, a depth of rich sweetness and complexity. Vanilla and oak sugar, nutty and vibrant. With age the fruit comes through so well, and the depth of flavour is wonderful, more exotic fruits and that citrus and minerality character which is the DNA of our spirit.

    Taste: Wonderful salty tang on the lips, leading into a viscous and honey like texture. Beautiful fruit notes and sweet oak make this a joy to hold on the palate, the peach, ripe pineapple and mango, dried apricot and peach notes are beautifully weighed against the smoke and oak, the extra age and combination of casks bring a level of maturity to this expression of Octomore that gives a new dimension to our understanding of this exceptional single malt

    Finish: Oak driven, coconut, tobacco, vanilla, then smoke. The time in the cask has calmed the smoke, both through the phenols lowering naturally over time and the influence of the oak becoming greater.

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