Rượu Octomore 12.2

700 ml / 57,3%
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Thời gian giao hàng Đặt trước 2-4 giờ
Bạn phải từ 18 tuổi trở lên mới được mua rượu ở Việt Nam

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Octomore 12.2 - dòng whisky khói nặng 129.7ppm (heavily-peated Octomore series), được chưng cất 2015 đóng chai 2021- 5 năm vừa mới được hãng công bố ngày 1/10/2021, vùng Islay, Scotland. Bruichladdich Octomore 12.2 không lọc lạnh, màu sắc tự nhiên từ thùng ủ, rượu được đóng chai ở độ mạnh 57.3%.

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Colour: Amber.

    Aroma: Beautiful notes of melon, honey and smoked almonds initially. Toasted oak and earthy smoke are held back by layers of fruit and honey. There is orange peel, peaches, ripe sweet melon, a lemon and honey combination all wrapped in a malted grain sweetness. Dried apple and pear drops come next with a wave of peat smoke and toasted oak, releasing earthy and pine resin notes.

    Taste: Lusciously soft and sweet as the fruit sweeps across the palate, lemon zest and vanilla pods come to the fore with melon and orange blossom. Another sip highlights the structure the French oak brings with caramel, baking spices and a touch of dryness carrying the smoke and the malt sweetness. Always the presence of ripe fruit drizzled in syrup speaks of the influence of the Sauternes casks.

    Finish: On the finish, a salty lemon tang arrives as the fruit and oak fade a little. That lovely earthy peat smoke moves in to dominate the finish and stamp the Octomore DNA all over this dram.

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