Rượu Aultmore 18 năm

700 ml / 46%
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Rượu Aultmore 18 năm là whisky single malt vùng Speyside, Scotland.

Tasting Notes

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    Colour: old gold to amber.

    On the nose: fresh lemon juice, vanilla, custard creams. Apricots. Hay. Simple, varied, very pleasant and elegant. American White Oak casks, rather than European Oak though, if this is sherry-cask influenced as some people note.

    In the mouth: yes, all of the above. Green tea, with that gentle grassy bitterness. All subtle shades here: lemon, apples, Chardonnay, maltiness, orange zest – just a touch – and then some creamy lemon pudding concoction. This whisky really is delightfully fresh, and the flavours are very tightly bound but rewarding. Worth a side note on the texture here, which is remarkable. It’s voluptuous, for an Aultmore. A very nice whisky.

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