Ardbeg An Oa 1L

1.000 ml / 46,6%
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Ardbeg An Oa 700ml giá tham khảo 1650k.

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Chi tiết

Rượu whisky khói Ardbeg An Oa vùng Islay, Scotland. Đây là dòng whisky khói nồng nàn, giới yêu rượu phải thử qua.

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Color: Light Gold

    Aroma: Rounded and subtly smoky (applewood), with creamy toffee, aniseed, treacle and dates. A curious suggestion of juicy fruits, such as peach and banana. With a drop of water, reminders of Ardbeg’s classic fragrance: lime, pine resin, fennel, saddle soap and tar. A gentle waxiness, like fragrant candlewax, and hints of smoked herbs.

    Taste: A smooth, creamy texture leads into a huge syrupy sweetness, flavours of milk chocolate, treacle toffee, aniseed, orange and smoky tea leaves. Gentle, sweet spices (nutmeg and cinnamon), some cigar smoke, and a very unusual flavour of grilled artichokes. Long and sweet, with floral overtones, mint toffee and some gentle malty, biscuit notes.

    Finish: Lingering, seductive, gentle yet intense, with flavours of aniseed, hickory and distant subtle smoke.

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