Vang nổ Charles Roux Blanc De Blancs Brut

750 ml / 11,5%
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Thời gian giao hàng Đặt trước: 1-2 giờ

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Rượu vang nổ Charles Roux Blanc De Blancs Brut được làm từ nho Chardonnay và Aligote, vùng Burgundy, Pháp.

Tasting Notes

  • Product's Tasting

    Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections and fine perlyazhem.

    Taste: Taste  wines -fresh  and  layered,  brightly  reveals  hints  of  lemon  and lime, minerals and hints of delicate floral nuances, which decorate and long aftertaste.

    Aroma: The  refined  and  sophisticated  fragrance  of  wine  abounds  fruity notes  and  touches  of  citrus,  which  are  decorated  with  delicate  accents  of acacia flowers.

    Gastronomy: The  wine  will  be  a  good  complement  of  fish  specialties, crustaceans and shellfish. It goes well with desserts and fresh pastries.

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