Rượu Old Pulteney 15 năm

700 ml / 46%
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Thời gian giao hàng 1-2 ngày làm việc

Thông tin

Chi tiết

Rượu Old Pulteney 15 năm, phiên bản mới phát hành năm 2018.

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes


    Rich amber


    Intense yet balanced. Bursting with rich dried fruit, ripe apples and citrus, with honey sweetness and a generous chord of creamy vanilla. Slightly chocolaty and floral in the background.


    Fragrant spices and Christmas cake, with layers of chocolate and a distinct dark toffee sweetness. There is a hint of salty sea air on the finish, a clear connection to the influence of the sea on this single malt.

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