Rượu Singleton 18 năm hộp gỗ

700 ml / 40%
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Rượu Singleton of Glen Ord 18 năm hộp gỗ.

Tasting Notes

  • Product's Tasting Notes

    Appearance: Rich old amber.

    Nose: Aromas of walnuts, polished antique oak lead into a whole bowl of dried fruits followed by ginger biscuits, and a honeyed sweetness cut by cleansing freshness.

    Body: Medium bodied, rich in the mouth.

    Palate: Very full and cooling. A splendid mouth-coating richness with elegant orange oil and rich fruit . Becoming drying and appetising, with notes of chocolate truffle.

    Finish: Full, long and finely detailed, with clear cedar notes against a smooth backdrop of fine, silky chocolate.

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