Rượu Glenfarclas 25 năm

700 ml / 43%
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Nếu bạn là một người ưa thích whisky dòng sherry, chai rượu glenfarclas 25 tuổi này là một chai không thể bỏ qua. Rất thích hợp dùng sau bữa ăn tối.

Tasting Notes

  • Product's Tasting

    Color: A shade darker than the others; dirty gold or golden brown.

    On the nose: Dried apricots to start. The wood here is very gentle, almost a whisper. There are some richly sticky-sweet and meaty notes of maple pork breakfast sausage. Underripe peach and fudge brownies also make appearances. More softly spoken and less assertive than the other two.

    In the mouth: The palate is similarly gently understated, feeling a bit thin at points. Sumptuous fruit to start, again with very ripe red apples. This turns quite juicy for a split second at midpalate before evolving a dirty, musty, slightly stagnant or tired woodiness. This has an aftertaste of salted nuts, more rich fudge flavors, a stale ashiness, and a slightly soapy texture. 

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