Rượu Deanston 12 năm (700ml / 46.3%)

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Rượu Deanston 12 năm
Thông tin
Xuất xứ:Scotland
Hãng sản xuất:Deanston
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Giá tham khảo:1.150.000đ
Giao hàng tận nơiMiễn phí (HCM)
Tình trạng: Hiện đang còn hàng
hỗ trợ khách hàng 24/7HÃY LIÊN HỆ: 0908 671 457 (Miss Liễu)

Chi tiết

Rượu Deanston 12 năm lần nay ra mắt với mẫu bao bì và chai mới, với chất lượng cao hơn.

Tasting note:

Nose: Fresh hays of summer, malty cereal, rich creamy toffee and honeyed heather balanced with sweet oak and barley sugar.
Palate: Smooth creamy sweetness with sumptuous hints of fruit, malty honeyed spiciness and soft vanilla.
Finish: Crisp and satisfying with a tingle of cloves which linger, then gently fade.

tasting deanston 12

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Deanston Distillery:

The Deanston distillery sits on the banks of the River Teith, the river which acts the distillery's water source. The waters of the River Teith are among Scotland’s purist and the headwaters rise in the Trossach mountain range. Deanston was founded in 1965 on the site of an 18th century weaving shed, just outside the village of Doune in Perthshire.The main part of the distillery is sited in a listed cotton mill. A turbine and dam, which employ the waters of the Teith, render Deanston electrically self-sufficient. In 1971, the first single malt Scotch whisky was released from Deanston and named Old Bannockburn. A year later, the distillery was under Invergordon ownership. Deanston had been closed for some eight years when Burn Stewart Distillers acquired the distillery for the princely sum of £2.1million and a year later Deanston distillery was back in production. A further four years after that and the site played host to a gin distillery also. Deanston boasts two warehouses in which 45,000 casks mature, 85% of this is used in various blends. One such blend being Burn Stewart’s flagship, Scottish Leader, whose annual sales exceed five million bottles worldwide. There are but a couple of official house bottlings and similarly there are very few independent bottlings.

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